Cutting Edge Technology
June 2, 2019

ISPA Environmental Labs

ISPA Group announces the creation of a new division:

The Problem:

How do we know if the air we are breathing in our indoor work environment is damaging to our health? We can put the latest HEPA and carbon filters in our furnaces and air circulation systems, but there is no quantifiable way to really know if they are doing what the manufacturer claims.

Test results tell us that carbon filters do not remove smaller compounds and gases like carbon dioxide. HEPA filters cannot remove VOCs and neither filter will increase oxygen levels. This is why many companies and commercial enterprises are moving to “green walls” to improve air quality, customer experience, employee productivity, and general aesthetics. The problems with green walls are that they are very expensive to maintain, they require a great deal of space to be effective and soon after installation, the growth of mold spores can start to become a greater health threat than the VOCs.

The Solution:

ISPA Environmental Laboratories, in conjunction with the University of Washington and with contributions from the National Research Council of Canada, is in the final stages of developing the Hybrid Air Purifier and Environmental Living System.

This innovative system has many ground-breaking scientific and technical developments. Once completed there will be more than 10 functional areas that will be patented.

  • Combined organic/filter system: The system uses an innovative combination of a specifically engineered Pothos Ivy and a selection of advanced filters that can be tailored to any environment to increase oxygenation and reduce carbon dioxide, VOCs, and pollutant levels in the indoor environment.
  • More efficient than a green wall: With a footprint of just 9 square feet the air purification green tower’s performance effectively replaces a 6-foot high by a 150-foot wide green wall and a local Air Purification System that utilizes Activated Carbon and HEPA Filters.
  • Low maintenance: It only requires 30 minutes of maintenance once every 6 months, including the changing of recyclable filters and the filling of the water reservoir.
  • Monitoring system: The monitoring system tracks VOC and particulate levels on both the inbound and outbound air flow in real-time.
  • Virtually eliminates mold growth: The growth system virtually eliminates the possibility of mold growth and the release of mold spores through both mechanical and chemical means.
  • Real-time monitoring: All system functions are automatically monitored in real-time, including true filter function monitoring.
  • Easy installation: Installation is as easy as putting it in place, and plugging it into a standard outlet.
  • Large effective air purification range: Standard units will be constructed in several sizes ranging from 7 feet high to 14 feet high in two configurations for either industrial or commercial applications having the capacity to purify areas from 1,000 square feet (32 feet x 32 feet) to 3,000 square feet (55 feet x 55 feet) per unit.
  • Multiple unit coordination: Multiple units can be linked together electronically to clean larger areas.
  • Can be installed in harsh environments: The industrial models can be installed in harsher environments such as Millwork and Metal fabrication factory floors and can be placed in areas without any natural lighting.
  • Style integration: Commercial units can be designed to accentuate any décor or style.


Key Potential Applications:

Commercial offices, waiting areas, interior public access spaces, retail stores, malls, and industrial factories, manufacturing facilities, and assembly areas.