ISPA Team Raises Money for Co-Worker
June 6, 2018

ISPA Receives Landscape Improvement Grant

ISPA recently received an exciting grant from the Halton Hills Community Improvement Program. The grant covers 50% of the cost of making property improvements, up to $12,500!

We used the grant money to improve our property to both onlookers and our own employees: We planted new trees and shrubs, added a privacy fence along the property line and completely redeveloped our staff recreational area.

“When people visit ISPA Store Fixtures, they often remark that we put a lot of effort into making it a pleasant place to work,” said Doug Soules, ISPA President. “We spend 9 hours a day, five or six days a week, at work; and we’ve tried to create a workplace where workers enjoy coming to work. When we have happy workers, we have fewer problems, fewer injuries and fewer discipline issues in general, since the relationship between the workforce and management is built on trust, loyalty and collaboration; and this way of thinking carries through to our relationship with our clients, too.”

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